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We build amazing apps that help small businesess achieve their technology goals. Kinphar Tax Calculator is the first app we have published and is available for download via App Store and Google Play Store.

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Little more about this Tax Calculator App

This is a simple Australian tax calculator to show how much PAYG (including the Medicare Levy), HELP/TSL and SFSS is due to be paid. Enter an income amount for the selected tax year and the calculations of tax will be shown. You can enter an amount as an annual, monthly, fortnightly or weekly income and then by selecting a different payment period, the amounts will be recalculated for the selected payment frequency.

Once you have entered a figure and tax is calculated, you can share the results by various methods (sms, email, whatsapp, viber, etc.)

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Easy to implement

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Download the Tax Calculator

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As easy as 1 2 3...

The simple installation gives you the app in minutes with zero manual setups... tax scales are preconfigured to download autotmatically

...and go!

Use it as you want, get the updates automatically

New tax scales will be updated as they become available per ATO instructions. You simply do not have to worry about manual updates... all set for you do the work automatically!

Who are we

We are a small team looking to bring a range of easy to use apps to you for use in a small business. We realise that funds are limited for many small businesses and that there is an ever increasing demand for compliance from government. We are here to help you meet these demands quickly, simply and cheaply. Our apps will be available for the Android and iOS devices.

What can we do for you

Our first app is a simple Tax Calculator allowing you to check that the tax withheld from your pay is correct. Although primarily aimed towards an individual, it can also be used by a small business to check that you have the pay correct We will follow this up with a number of other easy to use apps to assist small businesses.

Project Management

Do you have an idea for an app just waiting to be released? We have a great deal of expertise in both development of our own and for work that we have done for other businesses. We have several dedicated teams of development staff available to bring your app to life. We can project manage the app on your behalf and even provide you the full maintenance services after your apps are released in the app stores

Who is behind Kinphar

The team behind Kinphar have a combined knowledge of over 100 years in finance and software development. They have experience in accounting, banking, payroll, superannuation and bespoke software development across multitude of industries. They have developed software which is sold in many different countries around the world. They are based in Australia and understand the unique local requirements closely.

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    Kinphar can help you increase your app user engagement. Talk to us to discuss how you can partner with us.

    We work with the carefully chosen technology partners making sure our development work is in par with the best in the market

    App FAQ

    We are sure you'd find answers to all your questions on the FAQs below. If you still had any queries or feedback, please feel free to contact us and we shall be happy to answer your concerns

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    This is a very useful app. When I look for my next job or checking out similar jobs, I used to google and find what would be my take home figure. Now this app does the work - very handy! Thanks.


    This is a cool app. My husband first used it and when he was looking for a job. Then he asked me to check it as well. I am loving this app as I do two jobs and mostly on contract. I can quickly check how much I would exactly get paid even before I start a new contract :-) Thanks Kinphar for this little utility.


    This is exactly what I was searching for when I was called for an interview last week!



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